As a landlord, do you spend a lot of time, communicate with unreliable clients, get stressed to get the maximum revenue out of your property, but the results aren’t as good as you wished for? 


At that time, it is crucial to feel the reality at its best, because emotions can have an influence on it. It is highly important to have professionals by your side, with their experience, contacts and knowledge of the local real estate market.

Whether you have commercial space, office or residential property we’re flexible. We help you get the word out about your property and find great tenants.

We provide comprehensive leasing services:

 We take care of marketing - advertise your property on our and other websites

 We do screening of tenants - We filter tenant enquiries based on your requirements

 We take care of lease agreement 

 We provide you with the valuation

We handle the inspections for you 

We pay close attention to represent each and every property at its best. We care about the details, as renting out is our profession!

Costs only if we find the tenant for you: 1 month rent minimum 150 USD excluding VAT,