Congrats! You have found your new home.


Now when settling down, you will have a lot more questions about the utilities, neighbourhood or other organizational issues. 

Our service provides the most attentive customer service:


We take care of the registration of all your utilities including: phone, internet, electricity, water, gas and etc. 

We help you with moving your furniture or with buying it;

We organise cleaning according to your needs;.

We support you with the technical issues in the property 24/7;

We provide you with emergency call list;

We scan your neighbourhood and give you detailed information about nearby grocery stores, shops, pharmacies, hospitals, gardens, schools, kindergartens, cafes, restaurants, clubs, and other entertaining places according to your wishes. 

We inform you about public transportation system;

We help you with opening bank account.


Our professionals will be your local advisors with pleasure and never regret to answer your additional questions.

Costs 49 USD per hour excluding VAT.