Leasing Services

Do you want to rent / lease a residential or commercial space? Our leasing services will help you through this phase of your life.
For sure you are having lots of questions about local property market and don’t know where to start from. No worries! Let our realtors be your local advisors and let them find you the perfect apartment / home / office or even commercial space. Save precious time for you and enjoy the simplicity and speed of our rental/leasing  services.
Our greatest pleasure is to find you a new home or workspace

For 5 years we have helped hundreds of families make their living adorable in this beautiful city of Tbilisi.


The advantage of partnership with us

1. we give you information about ocal real estate market and how's living in georgia looks like
2. We suggest you several options, based on your desires
3. We plan a fixed day to do a house viewing tour
4. We conduct all the negotiations with landlords, on your behalf
5. We check the contract to ensure your rights are protected
6. We provide you with inspection/delivery reports


How to find real estate? 

You can keep an eye on our website created by wazzup software in the Netherlands and read dozens of new listings every day about real estate rentals. But you can also save your time and energy, so just contact us and let us know what you want.