A few simple tips for beautiful and comfortable balcony

In the case of balcony, the problem is a small area and the design of the furniture or decor is difficult, but if you take into consideration some practical advice, you can make from a small balcony a cozy and comfortable zone.

We advice you

Before you arrange the balcony, remove the extra items from it and if you have old furniture on the balcony you can paint and give a new life to it. 

If your balcoy is opened you should use furniture which is good for moisture.

Add textile to balcony furniture, find old pillows, pallets and put it on furniture.

Do not use big light system on the balcony, small lights are quite enough to keep you feel comfortable.

Arrange a vertical garden on the balcony and save your space.  

Finally, the most important instruction for balcony - call your fantasy and create an environment that can help you to keep from the summer hot days.


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