How to take care of microwave

Modern life can not be performed without a microwave oven, but there is a list of products that can not be heated in the microwave oven, as well as the rules which you should follow in order for microwave to operate longer

We advice you: 👨 

Excessive gravity damages the microwave oven. Maximum allowable weight is specified in the instruction.

In the microwave oven you can not put with a metal utisel. Use a utisel that has a special tag. The use of inappropriate utisel may result fire.

Temporary clean microwave oven walls with special soft remedies. 

No milk products can be microwaved, their taste and nutritional value will be lost.

Do not heat the product in a packed vessel. They must be opened before heating.

Honey can be microwaved, but it will lose all the useful microelements. The honey is better to be warmed in the water bath.

Do not place the egg in the microwave oven as well as condensed milk with iron powder. In both cases it will explode and it is  dangerous for life. 




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