10 advice to those who decorating kitchen

The improperly designed cuisine may make you feel that you do not want to prepare meals. There are zones that need all the kitchens to make it comfortable and cozy. There are spacious zones, storage and preparatory areas. If the points are correctly positioned, consider that your kitchen will be ideal.

1. The washing structure at the corner is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to save the place and is justified, just we do not advise you to place any kind of shelf on the top of the washing area, because it will create some awkwardness.

Use sink in the centre of kitchen so you can install a dryer or shelf on top of it.

3. If you decide to buy a dishwasher, I recommend to place is on the right side of a kitchen. 

4. Always obey the triangle's law. Washing, preparation and storage area should be in harmony with each other. Sinking  should be between the gas and the refrigerator is very convenient and logical. We get the product, we wash and prepare.

5. If the place allows it, leave a 60-mile distance between the zones. Plan the main working surface between the sink and the gas stove.

6. Keep in mind that you do not need run during your dinner, keep in mind that the garbage bin is under the sink, save the dishwasher products near tp it, so save time and energy.

7. Find a special place for cleaning and packing the product, it must be close to the recycle bin. 

8. Installation of a shelf under a trash container is useful. You will save place.

9. Make sure to focus on the tap. It should be high.

10. It is also very convenient to use a rolling tap, which will significantly simplify the case when cleaning the vegetables and dishes.

Source: https://bit.ly/2SzzBwd


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