You can't return the house you bought, even if you have the receipt with you! 

It's important to keep the realtor involved in the process of buying the real estate. 

Why? Because buying a real estate is a special and important step in every individual's life. At that time, It is very important to feel the reality at its best, because emotions can have an influence on it. It is highly important to have professionals by your side, with their huge experience and knowledge of the local real estate market.

We will assist you in everything! 

We will make a searching criteria according to your needs; 

We will give you financial advice and if it's necessary we will help you to get the best terms for the bank loan;

We will find your desired property, so that you will not waste neither your time nor your energy;

We will make a detailed inspection of the property (Architectural, legal, financial and etc.);

We will negotiate the property price, in order to achieve the best result;

We will provide you with the draft the agreement and help you with registering the property in Public Registry;


Enjoy the simplicity!