About Us


We have an ambition to make a new statement in Georgia, to set new standards of high quality service and to simplify everything that is linked to real estate service. Buying a house or a land plot, renting an apartment or an office or even selling your property shouldn't be a headache! This process shouldn't take ages. 

In Realtors.ge we believe in simplicity and we know we can achieve it with our background on Dutch Real Estate market!

We know what your usual environment means to you: 

 House, where you grew up; 

 Country-house where you spent your summer holidays;

 Flat, where you started your independent life;

 Or an office where you started your business. 

There's a moment in our lives, when the change is necessary and we need to make a step forward! Changing living environment is one of the most important decisions in life. The process of buying, renting or selling real estate property should only be a pleasant experience for you! 

That is exactly our mission! to simplify the process of buying, renting, leasing or selling any kind of immovable property!


We offer you high standards of professional service!

Forget about tiresome procedures on many different websites; forget about endless phone calls with foolish questions and forget about useless visits. It's time to change your approach and get the best results by following the easiest way. 

Our realtors, full of enthusiasm can help you out to make the right decision and they work utterly for your welfare.About Realtors