Georgian Automobile Club

"Thanks a lot for your service, your employee Giorgi Lelashvili is extraordinary person and real professional. We wish you luck!"





Paata Khizanishvili

"It's a pleasure, that in our city we have an agency like that, client oriented, open and civilized, without any hidden transaction and I will be happy with future cooperation with such agency. Thank you very much!" 






David J. Chan 

 "I found your company in a web search and after my inquiry, I received quick and professional communication from Giorgi. We are very satisfied with the timely and professional service. Highly recommend this company" 





Konstantin Belov


"I worked with a representative of the company Giorgi Lelashvili and was very pleased with the result of our cooperation. For Tbilisi, this is probably a very good realtor, because we agreed before my arrival on all the conditions of the apartment, and everything was as we discussed. Obviously, Giorgi knows how the real estate business should work, since he spent couple of years abroad. Its maintenance is worth the cost, what they cost. I am sure you yourself will understand" 

"Я работал с представителем компании Гиорги Лелашвили и был очень доволен результатом нашего сотрудничества. для Тбилиси это, вероятно, очень хороший риэлтор, потому что мы договорились до моего приезда на все условия квартиры, и все было так, как мы обсуждали. Очевидно, что Гиорги знает, как должен работать риэлтерский бизнес, поскольку он провел пару лет за границей. Его обслуживание стоит затрат, что они стоят. Я уверен, что вы сами это поймете."



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