Costs only if we find the right property for you: 1 month rent minimum 300 USD excluding VAT. 

Inspection reports are a document describing the detailed conditions of the leasing premises and inventories, in the beginning and at the end of lease period.

This document is the best leverage to protect your rights.

Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll help you find it in your ideal location and price range. We’ll leverage our experience and connections to negotiate the best possible lease on your behalf.

We  help you identify the right space, so you can focus on what matters most

We do viewings together with you

We conduct your negotiations

We provide you with lease agreement

We provide you with financial advice

We provide you with inspection/delivery reports


We have only one party’s interest in mind and it’s yours. Since we work for you, we respect your interests in the negotiating process. We keep your confidences and push for terms that meet your needs, instead of the landlords. 


This is subject of negotiation. The rent can be paid by cash or via bank transfer.

Costs only if we find the perfect home for you and your family: Price equals to 1 month rent excluding VAT.

We will provide you detailed information about local real estate market.
We will offer you several options based on your requirements;
We will plan trips to your desired time;
We make all negotiations with the lessor;

We will take care of your rights in the contract to be protected.

Our greatest pleasure is to find you a new home, not just an ordinary living space.  

We provide free of charge lease agreement according to your requirements, and the cost of registration it in Public City Hall, is a subject of agreement between the parties.


Property management is a process of managing your real estate, that greatly saves your time and increases your income.

The real estate management fee differs according to the property type, space and price. Mainly it equals to 10-15% of the received revenue. 

For more information about the price contact us:

With us your property is in good hands. We deal directly with tenants, save you time and give you the peace of mind.


We take care of setting up a tenant

We take care of all the utilities

We take care of maintenance and technical issues in the property

We handle regular property inspections - we check up on a tenant

We take care of rent collection and accounting

Our enthusiastic and friendly team of dedicated, highly qualified agents will help you with all your needs and provide excellent full-assistance.


This service is available only for clients who are using real estate management service with us.
For our clients publishing a listing on our website is absolutely free.
normal;background:white'>Costs only if we find the tenant for you: 1 month rent minimum 150 USD excluding VAT.

Whether you have commercial space, office or residential property we’re flexible. We help you get the word out about your property and find great tenants.


We provide comprehensive leasing services:

We take care of marketing - advertise your property on our and other websites

We do screening of tenants - We filter tenant enquiries based on your requirements

We take care of lease agreement

We provide you with the valuation

We handle the inspections for you

We pay close attention to represent each and every property at its best. We care about the details, as renting out is our profession!

Yes of caurse!

Realtor will visit your property;

will take effective and high quality photos;

will gather important details and publish the listing on our website.