The Ultimate Moving Checklist

Really, moving should be exciting– after all, you’re getting a whole new place just waiting for you to  add a personal touch . Organizing and preparing can help you remove the anxiety and enjoy the thrill of re-establishing yourself in a different location. As always tries to take care of its customers, our we’d like to tell you about some useful tips in order to make the moving process easier for you. 


6 to 8 Weeks Before You Move

This is prime time for prep work. It’s also when organizing is the most important. You’ll reap the benefits of the work you do now when you’re in your new apartment. 

Decide whether your move will be DIY or if you want to hire help.

Research moving companies if you plan to hire professionals. 

Create a physical folder where you can store important moving information, such as agreements you sign with a moving company   or your new lease. 

Devise a moving budget. It should include the cost of movers, any new furniture you’ll need to buy and eating out during your move (who wants to cook when they’re still unpacking kitchen boxes?). 


4 to 5 Weeks Prior

As you reach the one-month range, you should start buckling down on moving tasks. 

Start sorting through your stuff. You don’t have to pack it all yet, but begin purging things you don’t need. For instance, if your worse-for-wear end table won’t fit in your next apartment, either sell it or donate it. 

Ensure you can get a day off work if you need it. 

Change your address with your bank and move accounts if necessary.

2 to 3 Weeks Prior

Pack all non-essentials.

See what cleaning is required in your lease and schedule a cleaning day. 

1 Week Prior 

Finish packing. Label each box with what’s inside. Consider packing by room so unpacking is easier. Confirm details of moving day with your moving company or your helpers.


Moving Day: Your Old Apartment

Finish packing, check every nook and cranny to be sure you didn’t leave something behind.

Take out the trash and complete any other last-minute cleaning tasks. 

Keep pets and kids away from the action. Having a family member watch them is the safest option. 

Pick up your moving truck (if you’re moving yourself) and inspect the vehicle. If you’re using your own car, make sure it’s in good condition. You don’t want to deal with car troubles on moving day. 


Moving Day: Your New Place

Getting out of your old apartment feels great, but it’s only the first leg of your journey. You might have to go back and forth a few times if you’re moving yourself. Once you’re  moved into your new apartment , follow this checklist: 

Arrive before the moving company or your friends and unlock the apartment. Start moving in boxes. Place each box in the correct room, based on the labels you wrote while packingIf you hired movers, take inventory of your belongings to ensure all the boxes are there and nothing is damaged.Then get to work on anything else you have the time and energy to do. Moving is hard work, this moving checklist should streamline the process, but don’t be afraid to personalize it. 

In our next article you will find out How to Feel at Home in Your New Apartment Quickly.


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