New Recycling Spots in Tbilisi


If you didn’t know before, you should be aware now that Tbilisi is getting more and more environmentally friendly and it’s now possible to sort and take waste to several recycling points across the city. It’s a fact that nowadays any city faces consumerism and waste management issues, but not everyone dares to deal with these modern challenges and work on their daily habits. 


In order to reduce waste and follow sustainable waste management in the city, sorting waste and placing it in recycling bins should become part of people’s everyday routine. Therefore, the WMTR II program has put waste separation corners at the following locations in Tbilisi: 

Goodwill Hypermarket, Parnavaz Mepe Ave, Tbilisi 0131, Georgia 

Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia, 6 DimitryGulia St, Tbilisi 0114, Georgia 

Old Meidan Hotel, 9/11 Samghebro St, Tbilisi 0105, Georgia 

East Point Mall, 2 AleKsandre Tvalchrelidze St, Tbilisi 0182, Georgia 

Fabrika Hostel Tbilisi, 8 Egnate Ninoshvili St, Tbilisi 0102, Georgia 

What can be recycled and how? 

You can take the following sorted waste to the above mentioned corners: paper, glass, plastic, and aluminium. 

Before placing waste into the bins, be sure to pay attention to where you dispose of each specific type of waste. The Waste bins have labels stating what type of waste they are for. 

Remember that separated waste must always be clean. Dirty waste cannot be disposed of in the bins, as this will make the whole contents of the bin unsuitable for recycling. Make sure that plastic or glass bottles or aluminium cans have no liquid inside.


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