How to Make Your Rental Apartment Not to Feel Like One?!



Being a renter shouldn’t stop you from living in the stylish home you desire. Okay, so you might not be able to mount huge artworks on every wall, paint your bedroom in your favourite shade or re-tile the bathroom, but fear not. Here are some simple steps to instantly make your rental feel like the home you love! 

1. Pick up some plants

Plants and flowers are a no-fail tip to liven up any space. They not only look good, as living organisms, many also help clean the air and remove toxins. When occupying a space that has been inhabited by a variety of unknown people before, it can feel good to imagine the air being renewed and purified. 

 Whether your rented flat is modern, sleek and white, or an outdated brown tragedy, plants will be a welcome visual distraction without cluttering!



2. Add elegance with removable wallpaper

Available in a wide range of designs, temporary wallpaper caters to any style and can add all the drama, fun and elegance you desire. It doesn’t leave any mess and can be re-used on walls as well as inside wardrobes, bookcases, etc. 


3.  Get creative with storage  

Rentals often lack storage, which in turn can lead to unsightly clutter. Improve this situation by adding furniture or accessories that can help with storage as well as making a statement. 

Bookcases can be a perfect combination of storage and decoration. Make sure to leave some space in between items so they can ‘breathe’; alternate ordered rows and free-styled ones; display items of different sizes and shapes; and maintain some consistency with colors.

4. Replace the lighting

Even the best-styled room will look flat under inadequate lighting. When dealing with lighting, try to remember this simple rule: no less than three layers of lighting – ambient, task and accent. Ambient light is the general one, often provided by ceiling lighting. Task lighting is intended to provide light for a specific function . Accent lighting draws attention to a particular object or a very small area, for decorative purposes. Table lamps, low-wattage down-lights, or even candles can be used as accent lighting. Even when turned off, lighting accessories can be highly decorative.


5. Create vignettes

If you cannot make large-scale changes, you can still inject beauty and style with small touches.  Vignettes are perfectly curated little pockets of a home. They can be made of a collection of vases, a book display, a flower arrangement on a hall table, or simply a few candles on a tray. 


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