We will assist you in everything! 

We will make a searching criteria according to your needs; 

  We will give you financial advice and if it's necessary we will help you to get the best terms for the bank loan; 

  We will find your desired property, so that you will not waste neither your time nor your energy;

We will make a detailed inspection of the property (Architectural, legal, financial  and etc.);  

We will negotiate the property price, in order to achieve the best result;

We will provide you with the draft  the agreement and help you with registering the property in Public Registry;


Enjoy the simplicity! 

In case of purchase: 1% of the real estate value.

It is very easy to contact us and there are several ways to do it! 

Call us: 0322 90 07 77;

Write to us an e-mail: info@realtors.ge

Fill in the application form given on the website;

Find us on Social Networks: 

Visit our office: 38 Paliashvili street


 First impression has a crucial role on selling or renting real estate. And WE are the masters of it, as we, the realtors of Raltors.ge pay lots of attention to represent the best parts of the each and every property.

You will get advice about the real value of the property;

We will take the best pictures and videos;

For the first time in Georgia, we will take 360* VR tour; 

We will create unique presentations with the detailed information about the real estate;

We will make a marketing plan to achieve the result in the shortest time frame;

We will help you in negotiation process and work actively with the potential customers/tenants.

We will assist you to prepare agreement and to register the property at the Public Registry 

We will do all these for you! Because selling or renting real estate shouldn't be a head ache you! 

Being a Realtor is an ART for us!

It is very pity for us to visit untidy house/flat. We do not like working in a messy environment. 

To avoid this, we'd like to give you some advice in order to achieve the best outcome:

 Look for measurement drawing (in case of existence) and the extract from Public Registry; 

 Please put in order everything and ensure that your items are not scattered in the rooms;

 Keep your personal things and pictures away, because it's hard for a guest to perceive the real picture of the apartment.

 Arrange your bathroom as a hotel's bathroom: Only couple of attributes and neatly folded towels are enough, you should keep away any other personal items and means of hygiene.

 Fill your home with bright colors by means of fruit or flowers.

 Leave everything else up to us!

If you sell a real estate it will be: 3% out of the total cost of the real estate 

 In case of rent: 1/12 part (8.3 %) of the annual lease price

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